I live in Olympia, Washington. I am somewhat disabled from an old work injury with multiple injuries that hopefully will be better over time or not - no one knows. I am interested in clay, objects created with clay, pottery, art, artists, nature, mountains, beaches, travel, enlightenment, healthy living, music, curious sounds, curious thoughts, laughter, art collectors, art patrons, art buyers, art brokers, art galleries. I worked for years in social services. After I came back from Alaska, I gradually decided that I wanted to do more art. so I am trying to make things, would love to sell some and enjoy life at the same time... So far I have not sold a thing since I was 18 or 19 - pretty weird, huh? That is art sometimes... I sometimes share my garage space as the clay God and clay spirits direct... I also like painting, building things, helping people, just hanging out & enjoying life. Lately, I like to build fairly big pieces that are hollow. It takes a long time to make each one and I often end up needing help moving them around the studio.