Halo 2 Tournament Registration

Now before you register for our tournament, it is important for us to obtain the following information for our records

Please provide the following contact information for your team captain as well as for every other team member. For example,

Team Name

Team Geesed Crew

Team Captain Name

Taurean Murray

Player Handle 1

DP Tarzan

Age 1


E-mail 1


Phone Number 1



Team Name

Team Captain Name

Player Handle 1

Age 1

E-mail 1

Phone Number 1


Member 2 Name

Player Handle 2

Age 2

E-mail 2

Phone Number 2


Member 3 Name

Player Handle 3

Age 3

E-mail 3

Phone Number 3


Member 4 Name

Player Handle 4

Age 4

E-mail 4

Phone Number 4

How did you hear about us?


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