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Here is a Link where you can just Email to Matt to get an answer on Homepaging.
For those of you who want to start learning how to start editing your Homepages Click Here and then go to number eleven in the first row to try the "Preformatted text" first)

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HELPFUL HINTS (Hopefully) FOR THE HOMEPAGER  (as of 2 Oct 96)

Starting in January 1995 I knew what I wanted to do with a Homepage.
In August 1995 I got my modem.  In February 1996 I started my Homepage.
And finally, in August 1996 I figured out (with a little help from
my friends) how to do additional pages for my Homepage.  Now all I 
have to do is take the time to do it.

Now I am trying to help others with their Homepages.  It's kind of hard 
by email.  So this is one attempt to start you in the right direction.

I like Geocities.  When I joined they had 30,000 homepages and now it
is over 180,000.  You can look at all of them.  Bill Tarvis does this 
and the ones he likes he bookmarks, so look at "Bill's Bookmarks" on 
his Homepage which you can get to thru my Homepage - just click on 
"Bill & Mary".

When you get to Bill's Bookmarks go the the "HTML" section and start
reading the beginners guides to HTML tags.  Good Luck 
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It's Fun doing Hompages. I started on Monica and Randys' Homepage
early Sunday Morning, 6 Oct 96, and by wakeup time I had it done
with an active counter and two pictures on it. Anybody in the World
can view any Homepage if they know how to do it - That's the Trick.

Later that afternoon I added a picture of Randy and Monica that was
just taken Saturday morning. So have fun viewing these Homepages!!

Randy and Monicas'

1997 sf4xu@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us

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