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Out in the Dark Recesses of the Internet.....

Don't mind if I'm not very informative.....

If you want to send a Yahoo Messenger message, just click on the icon above.....It doesn't matter if I'm online

or not, I'll get the message eventually.

I am currently a Computer Consultant for a small firm, working for a larger firm, building all their new computers

and re-building the old ones as well. (GAK! here it comes:) here is my resume if you are interested.

I also do some inexpensive consulting on the side, but I doubt you're interested in that, either....

If you looked there, though, you'd find some helpful FREE advice on computer problems. Put it to use and

you probably wouldn't have to call anyone....

If you have less than nothing to do, you can E-MAIL Me with your suggestions or comments.

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Last updated Thursday, 13 May 2004