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Welcome to Ben Gee’s spot on the Internet. This site contains some facts and references about Computer Security. Thanks for stopping by. Please enjoy the site.

Pochacco is my favorite Sanrio character. Pochacco was born in Brazil. He lives in New York. He likes to play soccer and basketball.

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Computer security guides offer uniform certification and accrediation standards to ensure integrated, cost-effective information systems. The National Computer Security Center publishes a series of documents called the "Rainbow Series" to assist agencies and corporations in developing secure systems.

System security is equally important to me in personal life. Although the Internet is an efficient communications medium, it provokes system vulnerability. Security experts are not comfortible the openness. But, communications leads to active citizen participation and democracy. The Center for Democracy and Technology weighs the requirements of open communications and security.

The Internet opens the door to many fun facts and important references. Anything can be found on the Internet: encyclopedias, maps, catalogs, and magazines. A number of search engines are available to assist novice users to find items of interest. Yahoo!, Alta Vista, CNET, and WebCrawler are four such engines.

Special thanks to the people at Geocities for hosting this site. They are a great partner in providing the public free webspace.

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