Welcome to my garden! ... the pond and more!

The Garden ...

an escape for the mind as well as a reflection of the soul!

Rose bud

Roses ...they look lovely and smell great ... but those thorns can really do a number on the gardener...ME!

Hi ... My name is Victor and I would like to welcome you to my garden. The garden has grown over the years and is continually in a state of change. Some flowers die ... others are planted to take their places. Tastes also change and this shift in preferences is reflected in the types of flowers which occupy the garden.

This site will provide you with a glimpse of the garden and possibly some of the evolutionary process that transpired. This web site is relatively old but several pages are still being built and others are still in the planning stage. At present, this page, along with the sections on "Our Pond" and "Flower Close-Ups" are ready for you to visit. Pages on the "Gazebo/Hottub" and "Lawn Alternative" will be added at a later date.

"Our Pond" provides a textual description of much of the planning process and construction steps used to create our pond. As well, there are hints and suggestions to keep in mind if you are considering installing a pond. And to break up the monotony of text ... there are pictures!

"Flower Close-Ups" - a means by which I can share my garden with you. The flowers featured will change from time to time ... mostly through the addition of more plants.

This site and the garden are works in progress ... but aren't all web pages (and gardens)?

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