Hugh "Red" Irvin was born on August 28th, 1925 in Eugene, Oregon and passed away on November 13th, 1998 in Coos Bay, Oregon after a long battle with failing health. He is buried at Sunset Memorial Park in Coos Bay, Oregon. We will keep his page up for visitors to view and encourage anyone with questions regarding his life or with information about him or about his duties during World War II to write us and/or to sign the Guest Book.
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Dorothy Irvin (wife) and Diane Irvin (daughter)
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"I was sworn into the U.S. Navy on June 10, 1943 when I was 17 years old. I was sent to Farragut, Idaho for my basic training which I completed July 27, 1943, Company 414-43, Regiment 3, Battalion 10. After a 30 day leave I was shipped out of Oakland, California on the USS SKINNER on August 27, 1943 to Noumea, New Caledonia. I arrived in Noumea on September 17, 1943 where I worked at the ammunition dump loading explosives. On November 1, 1943 there was a terrible explosion at the nickel docks killing between 110 to 120 men. It was a very traumatic experience and will always live in my memory. On February 26, 1944 I was accepted for radio school and completed my instruction on July 15, 1944. I was a radioman there until September when I left for Midway Island on the USS LCI(G) 19. I was stationed there at the U.S. Naval operating base until May 5, 1945. After a 30 day leave I was sent to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I was a radioman until July 27, 1946 when I was transferred to the Navy Separation Center in Bremerton, Washington where I was discharged on August 14, 1946.

The following photos are from the book Southwest of 0° - 180° "A Collection of Photographs" which was given to all the men in my unit of the U.S. Navy stationed in Noumea, New Caledonia during 1944 as a gift from Admiral Halsey."
All of the photos appear in black and white with a very brief description. If anyone can give us more information about these photos please e-mail us .
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