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From South Australia:    A lovely coastal area, near long sandy beaches, a cool Mediterranean climate and relaxed country lifestyle.

Hi there, WELCOME to my page, courtesy of Geocities. I am a keen computer user, and a classic car enthusiast too.

And yes, of course the CARS. The 60's are my favourites, and mostly Fords for me :-) , including the classic 64 --> 66 Ford Mustang, of which there are a great many imported to Australia, particularly lately.
Another favourite is the U.S.A. Ford Thunderbird, again of the 65-66 era, especially convertibles. Lots of 60's great music, dancing - oh I love those mini skirts and bobby sox(!)- lots of ELVIS's around, and lots of 'fins' -----> the tail fins that is! - 'stangs, T-Birds, 'vettes, Lincoln's, Chevys and lots of Cadillacs.  The Caddy's are popular here for use as hire cars, especially weddings.  

Australia has made many great cars too, [see my link to my 'other' page below], Fords, Chrysler, and GM Holden, but sadly no production convertibles, except some Ford Capris in the late '90's, and, only a few modified convertibles and  many imports.
There are many imported cars from many countries of ALL makes and models in Australia, and most enthusiasts groups meet on special outings/events.  

I like the American muscle cars, like the V8's.Annually there is an All American Car day with about 400 exhibits like these below,


Above a 69 convertible Mustang [lovely],  on the right are 3 Ford Thunderbirds, 55-65.

At a colourful All Ford day;a Shelby Mustang below left, and right a line up of Mustangs.


Later in the year at a popular car museum in the Adelaide Hills near Birdwood is an annual  'Rock 'n Roll Rendezvous 60's' which is always very popular.;

The  3 Mustangs above are all around 1968. Red car is Corvette Stingray.

The blue and white coupe above left is a replica 'Shelby Cobra" built up in kit form, with all fully approved running gear, a FORD 302 cu in V8, a 9" diff cut to fit, and disc brakes etc. There are more Cobra photos on my other web page below;   The RED mustang on the right was in a recent rally here Nov 2000.


This blue 1967  Mustang above left featured in the Annual "Classic Adelaide Rally " rally held on local sealed roads (closed road);
The red car is a replica Ford GT 40 of the famous Le Mans racer that won there in 1965, 66. The replicas are made in Australia, with a new card about $120,000. They can also be built up as a kit, fully approved for racing.It has a Ford 4 litre V8 (302 Cu in) engine. 

These are strictly a race car, tube frame, aluminum body, low race seats, harsh ride, no home comforts here, and very loud, but also very fast. Ford USA built an anniversary model in 2004/05 with similar specifications but it's a production car.. It's closer to 43 inches high.

These above cars were in the competition class, the Classic Adelaide Rally incorporates three separate contests: Historic   - for vehicles built prior to 1948;
Classic  - for vehicles built between 1948 and 1971; and Late Classic  - for vehicles built between 1972 and 1990.

We live on a small farm in a rural area about 45 kilometers south from the city (Adelaide) and the countryside is mainly leafy vineyards near the coast (lovely long white sandy beaches you can drive on). (Good swimming and surfing too!)  There are over 50 Wineries in the district, and yes some lovely fine wines, as good as the Barossa Valley to the north east of the city, and our wines exported to most countries around the world..

Our local beach we can drive on. Typically the country is now largely vineyards

We have about 6 hectares/15 acres of land used mainly for grazing our horses. My wife rides competitive Dressage on the weekends when she can, her love of horses is everything. Check out our Adelaide page links below, and my main page with more cars, mostly Fords.

Stay cool folks, and chill out on our fine South Australian wines if you can    :-)

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 Please email me for exchange of information if you wish  :)    Of course I may be sunning on the Beach with a glass of chilled wine, but, its worth a shot eh!

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