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Poetry Are The Words That Together
Leave Us A Little Wiser After We Have Read Them
~Ingvild Gregersen~

Welcome Poetry Lover....
Welcome to Angel Tears a.k.a ~Lady Guinevere's~ Poetry Page. I hope you enjoy my poetry, written during the time june -96 and up to date...I have put a lot of work in my poetry, and in my pages, and I hope they suit you. Thank you for your visit. Do come again later, to get an updated page.. Be aware of the fact that some of the poems are translated from Norwegian and has therefor lost some of their magic...it's sad, but true..*S* ~

Thank you for reading my poetry...
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About the Author...
Last but not least, I would like to thank all my friends for inspiration and support...First JAC, Erin (my soulsister and Jonathon Earl Bowser...my undying love to you..
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This page has been accessed alot more then I imagined...!!Thanks all!!

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