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Hi! We're Valentine, Zippy, and Penelope and this is our homepage. Our e-mail address is 3bun because that's what we are, three bunnies. Our parents are Lilly and Dave. They adopted Valentine from someone who was moving and had to give her up. Zippy and Penelope were adopted from the House Rabbit Society foster home in Oakland, CA.

We also have two brothers and two sisters, but we don't have any pictures of them to show yet. Flip was found in a park after some one dumped him there. His name stands for Found Left in Park. His girlfriend is Chloe. She's a silver marten bunny the came from the San Francisco Peninsula House Rabbit Society foster home. Ole is a big, cardamom colored lop bunny. His parents couldn't keep him so he came to live with us. And the newest member of the family is Amanda. She's a white bunny with cocoa colored ears and spots. She also came from the San Francisco HRS.

Valentine is a black mini-lop bunny. Zippy is a blond mini-lop, but one of his ears sticks up part of the time so we call him a half-lop or a convertable bunny. Penelope is a butterscotch and white Dutch bunny with up ears.

Valentine's Picture Here
Valentine posing in the family room

Zippy's Picture Here
Zippy relaxing on the couch

Penelope's Picture Here
Penelope exploring the bunny room

Sleepy Zippy Here
Zippy gets very tired after grooming Valentine

Penelope on shoulder
Petite Penelope picks the perfect perch

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