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These are some really good links that I have found, that are intended for children. Some of them may be of interrest to parents as well. My daughter and I have had a lot of fun finding these.

My favorite sites are indicated by a

Bearable Times The Kids' Hospital Network Children helping each other recover through love, support, and understanding!

Kristy's Desktop Creations. Find everything you need to personalize you home computer!

Billy Bears Playground. Create your own story books, read stories, play games and more.

Britannica's Birthday Calendar Ever wondered who else was born on your birthday? Click here to find out.

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head You pick the Eyes, Ears, etc...

Tic Tac Toe Play a game of Tic Tac Toe online against the computer.

Toys-R-Us I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toy-R-Us kid....

Warner Brothers Web Card Send your friends a Web Card today!

Web-A-Sketch If you like Etch-a-Sketch, you'll have fun with this site.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Such a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor...

Looney Toons Home Page Several images of the Looney Toons characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz and a lot more! Check it out!

The Lion King Several images from The Lion King, including several Coloring Book Pages. A Must See!

Fox Kids There is a lot of stuff going on here. Several Coloring Book pages available. Some games you can download, and more. I highly Recommend it!

Disney Character Quest If Disney is your thing, than this is the place for you. Several images from the best animators in the world.

Where's Waldo You've seen him in the books, now he's on the net! Two playable demos of Warner Active's new CDRom games.

Crayola Crayons Everything you've ever wanted to know about this long time childrens favorite.

Carlos Coloring Book Color pictures online with your browser. Several pictures to choose from. This is a LOT of fun for everyone.

The Electronic Zoo Lots of pictures and information about all kinds of animals. A must for any animal lover.

Kids Space A lot of things for kids at this site. Find a Pen Pal, Share your creating talents and more.

CyberKids Several things here. Pictures, games, and fonts for you to download.

StarChild A site sponsored by NASA. A lot of information of interest to kids who are interested in astronomy.

Oasis Kids Corner A Sliding Tile puzzle you can play online, games, picture gallery and more.

Childrens Television Workshop From the makers of Sesame Street. Games you can download, Coloring Book pages and more.

Disney Always a lot of stuff to do at Disney.

The Neverending Tale An interactive storybook. You choose the path the story takes. If you don't link the paths available, no problem, add a new path yourself and contribute to The Never Ending Tale.

Lamb Chops Play Along Sheri Lewis and Lamb Chop are waiting for you to come over and play. Coloring Book pages, jokes and more.

The Comic Strip All your favorite comic strips from the funny papers.

Goosebumps on the web. Fan Club, Photo Gallery, and more.

Webucation Want to find out how to get your school on the web? Then check here, as they bring todays schools into the 21st century.

After the Stork We've specially designed our web site to make it easy and fun for the whole family to use, whether you're 7 or 70.

KidsCom An Educational and Entertaining Electronic Playground for Kids Ages 4 to 15.

If you know of any other good childrens sites. Please fill out the following form to let me know about it. I'll check out the site, and add it to the page.

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