Hello, and welcome to my home page. If you stumbled in by accident, feel free to look around all you want. If you were invited to visit, thanks for stopping by. Either way, you are welcome to come back as often as you like. Entry fee is very minimal and will be billed at year-end, but most likely I'll forget. There are some parts of this that will be constantly changing, so I hope you visit often to see what changes I have made. I hope you will let me know what you think of my efforts. When you're ready to leave, be sure to fasten those safety belts and drive carefully.

Some of my friends have, in the past, asked me to describe myself to them. Verbal descriptions, especially from the person being described, are so subjective. I generally tell people that I am not a model, but that I don't scare away little children, either. I guess I would consider myself fairly average, although I do think I look younger than my 51 years. I know I feel younger. But you'll find out more about that in other parts of this site.....and I'm not telling where, either. You'll have to look around and find it.

My previous page carried my latest snapshot right there in front. The counter analysis showed that little kids stayed around, but I think I scared off all the grown-ups. So this time I'm putting all pictures on the Album page. Enter at your own risk!! You'll find not only my most recent snapshot, but family pictures, and some of my Mom's artwork.

The rest of the links are pretty self-explanatory. You may or may not be interested in this stuff, but I felt a need to include most of it. Once again, I hope you find this effort entertaining......and even interesting. I'd love to hear your thoughts.......or just know that you stopped by.......so please sign the guestbook before you go. Thanks.

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This page was last updated: June 7, 1998

I've had some bad luck with the counters I've used....so the following number should be increased by about 225.

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