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    Updated auxiliary units, added a marching band tune

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    Helping all good Titans to understand, the only way you'll ever make it on a Division 1-A football field is in the marching band!

    2005 grad Nathan Esselburn-Texas A&M, 2004 grad Deb Ray-Miami (of Ohio), 1999 grad Nate Eisinger-Cincinnati, Amber Bangel-Purdue (moved after her freshman year but would have graduated in 1999), 1997 grad Dori Taylor-Ohio State, 1996 grad Rob Carter-Akron and the Canton Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps, 1995 grad Joe Vasichko-Ohio U (unable to perform due to injury), 1995 grad Paula Moore-Ohio State, 1994 grad Tony Colich-Akron, 1992 grad Richard Brooks-Ohio State, and 1986 grads Mike Trotter and Ken Schnipke-Ohio State.

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