Today we live in an exciting world. Things are constantly changing. Some of this change is remarkable. We have witnessed great progress in medicine, travel, technology and in scores of other areas. Today, we enjoy a much higher quality of life. While in some respects the future looks so bright, is it really? Understanding what the future holds for America is essential if we care about our posterity and our country. There are indicators that can give us a glimpse of what the future will probably look like. We focus our attention on data, compiled in 1996, regarding crime, education, environment, and the economy within the United States. As we review these indicators or facts in these areas we discover that America's future is not optimistic. Optimism is important - but so is realism. We have problems. However, all that matters is doing what needs to be done to solve the problems. Understanding is a first step and this publication helps to serve that purpose. True comprehension may enable us to see and feel the reality of what will happen if drastic change does not begin. This understanding must be powerful enough that it awakens us from the deep slumber so persuasive throughout America. Many hope that somehow someone else will solve the problems. Many grasp the dilemma and the root causes, but question their own ability to make a difference. Once we enhance our understanding, we must ask ourselves some tough questions like:

The traits that are needed to meet our challenges are comparable to those our country's founding fathers confronted. Our founding fathers possessed wisdom, genuine values, and the determination to do what was right for America. Their task was not a popular one but they forged ahead. We must have the ambition to learn, the willpower to possess good values, the determine to work persistently, and sufficient love of country and family to look past our self-doubts - like our forefathers.


There are common sense solutions that can make a difference. Key to success is a renewal of key values. Successful renewal efforts need to commence with truly influencial groups such as family, church, media, friends, schools, employers and government entities. New groups need to formed, ineffectual groups need to revisited, successes need to be identified, learned from, and celebrated.

The crisis is real but can be overcome if we can find ways to set narrow-minded politics aside, to honestly assess and change each of those values we hold that are counterproductive, and successfully find and draw upon the talents that each of us has to offer. We need to learn how to focus on commonality, and on how to successfully draw upon and channel each of our talents in making a difference. This can be an exciting time for each of us to define and play an important role in something that can make a difference. Please take the time to review my ideas in this paper. And please, share your ideas. We hope that we can shortly create a discussion forum and a database of ideas.


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