Scratch Pro Foundation

Intro to Scratch Pro!

How we represent down south N.O. style

Let me tell you a little bit about us:

Scratch Pro Foundation consists of 10 members: Jorge, Gabe, Adam, Yuset, Tito, Jemess, Alejandro, BlackSteel (also affiliated with Transparent Arsenal), Muñeco, and Kiki. Each one has his own individual skill, meaning S.P.F. hits you at all different angles. Listen to some of our shit and hear what I'm talkin' about!

Demolishin' MC's

Jemess's shit

For all them blunted niggas!

For them angry niggas

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The phat links

It was written

Defjams phat page

wu-tangs offical unoffical search engine

S.U.N. night is coming!!!!

If you got any comments about my page or the music, e-mail me!

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Scratch Pro Foundation is gonna take Hip Hop by storm....just wait and see.....

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