Roger's Farm

Under the Southern Cross

Welcome to Roger's farm, an eclectic menagerie! There is lots of weird and wonderful stuff around the farm, and some junk too! At the moment there are:

NEW NEW NEW Um, there's not much new actually. At least I'm honest.

  • A farmyard with my Cheviot sheep and maybe some tractors.

  • A studio full of my keyboards and other musical instruments.

  • A garage containing my cars, a 1963 Citroen ID19, a 1974 Citroen D Super (which I call custard, because it's yellow), a 1976 Citroen GS 1220 Club (orange of course, that most 70s of cars in that most 70s of colours!), and a 1966 Series 2A long wheelbase flat deck Land Rover. And all the others, dead, dying and maybe even some about to be exhumed!

  • A big shed, where I keep utes, tractors and dead cars, where I shear my sheep and store my hay. With a workshop up one end where I fix things. You know, rebuild engines, replace diffs, that sort of greasy, hands-dirty, spanner-wielding stuff. A shed where I keep my tractor, an International 444.

  • A junkyard full of old stuff I can't bear to throw out, even some truly weird stuff like an oxygen resuscitator trolley and a Singer 29K13 industrial sewing machine.

  • A view of the mountains, where I like to go bushwalking (that's tramping or hiking for you non-Aussies) and cross-country skiing.

  • A computer room (well, a corner of the spare room!), where I keep my vintage computer, a MicroVAX 3400. I'm not the only nerd with a home MicroVAX, either! There's also a rave about some of my favourite DOS software, that has yet to be improved upon by a Windows product.

  • A kitchen with the kettle boiling. We might have some philosophical discussions (or even discourses). If you're lucky there will be some freshly-baked cake from my favourite recipes.

  • A gallery of some of my Mum's oil paintings.

  • A library, where I keep my humungous dictionary.

  • A toybox, inhabited by some cute animals.

  • An office, where we can do (or talk about) some social research about the relationships between people and their environment, which is how I pay the bills when the farm doesn't.

  • Maybe even a lounge room with a fireplace, where you can sit for hours and watch the flames dance.

    If you think all this is eclectic, well that's just the way things are round here.

    I'm sure no-one else has visited, but I've been here Counter times.

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