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    My name is Valentina, and I study clarinet and piano. I am aged 17 and go to Liceo Classico as well as doing the music. My sports are tennis, cinema, soccer and running. I love watching movies, usually on video because I can't always be bothered to go to the cinema. I like mainly Classical music but also like rock and other types and I'm not into any "scene" in particular. I'm 5ft 9. I don't take any drugs, I don't smoke but I like wine and beer. I am learning to cook and I can cook Italian, French, Mexican and Indian.

    I am working on other pages, with links...etc. I have my own penpal page, and I am planning to put photos of my friends on the real-life friends, and my friends on the web. I have done quite a lot of travelling, and I also hope to put some links about the places I've been to....there's so much to do and it always takes me ages!

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